Wednesday nights are a time of fun for Carmel Kids!

Each Wednesday children ages 3-5th grade are divided into three classes with their teacher where they learn about God, Bible stories, and Christian character. During these evenings, from 6:30-7:30, the children have snacks; some sort of activity whether a hands-on activity, object lesson, or a game; craft; many times a skit; and a themed lesson.

Wondering what a "themed" lesson means?

What do Gentoo Penguins and the Fishers of Men Bible story have in common?

Well, not much, BUT Gentoo Penguins are the fastest under water swimming penguins. They can swim 22 miles per hour! Guess what they eat? FISH! They CATCH fish. We are to be fishers of men to CATCH others for Jesus. The kids really enjoy these types of themed lessons, which they retain much more readily.

Make sure we know when your child(ren) has a birthday, so we can celebrate their special day with the others during our monthly celebration! Our monthly celebration is a special day in which not only do we celebrate birthdays, but we also open up the Carmel Store! The Carmel Store is a place where children can cash in their good check marks for prizes. Each Wednesday children are awarded check marks for various things such as good behavior; bringing their Bible; bringing a friend; reciting a Bible memory verse; and more. Then once a month, the store is opened and the children are allowed the opportunity to cash in their check marks or continue to build them up for a bigger prize.

Our patient and kind teachers have a wonderful heart for children; they are always ready with a warm hug and a cheerful smile just for the children.

Parents are required to bring their child(ren) into the building, so their child(ren) can be checked in. Upon check-in, parents will receive a pick-up tag, like a receipt. When it is time for pickup, the parent is required to come into the building and return the pick-up tag in order to retrieve their child. This is one of the security measures we have in place. 

Downstairs, you will find the youth classes in sessions. Youth is for grades 6-12th.

In the metal building, adult Bible study or book discussion will be taking place. Nursery care is provided for ages birth-two years in the metal building as well.

You can find our Sick Child Policy here.